Square Automation

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Automotive Industrial System


We supply assembly line automation, test & measurement system for automotive industry

Plastic Toy Industry

Toy Industry

We provide plastic welding automation, toy wheel assembly line automation, toy testing automation

Medical Industrial System
Medical Industry

We help medical industry for ultrasonic welding automation, assembly line automation

Robotics & SPM System
Robotics & SPM 

We help Robotic welding automation, special purpose machine & assembly automation


Ultrasonic Welding Automation

Commercial energy meter welding automation
Vision Inspection System

Vision Gantry System
Rotary Table Ultrasonic Welding
Toy Ultrasonic Welding Rotary Automation
Crack Detection System
Crack Detection System
Assembly Automation

Toy Wheel Assembly Automation
Plastic Ultrasonic Welding

Rotary Table Ultrasonic Welding Automation
Conveyor Automation System
Conveyor Automation for Bottle Welding
Ultrasonic Welding Automation
Medical Component Rotary Table Automation


Hollow Rotary Table

Right Angle Hollow Rotary Table

Servo Planetary Gearbox

Servo Cylinder